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FAN is a bonanza for SRK fans


Srk in the last three years has acted in mainly commercial films, referred to as masala films in Bollywood, these films were meant to reach out to the masses. Films such Chennai Express (2013), Happy New Year (2014) & Dilwale (2015), while his die hard fans barely enjoyed the slapstick comedy and song and dance, many have criticized him for his poor choice of films. Will FAN be the game changer?  

The story is simple, SRK ( junior) is a junior artist, who mimics his greatest inspiration SRK (senior) he dreams of the day when he can meet him. One day his dream becomes a reality when he wins an acting competition. He uses the winning money to visit Mumbai and meet with SRK (senior) on his birthday, once he arrives outside SRK (seniors) house he realizes that 1000s of other people also have the same dream!

After getting a glimpse of SRK, he leaves disappointed, however the very next day he reads a newspaper article in which one of the upcoming actors defames SRK senior, he regards this as a serious offense and decides to set the record straight.

This brave act, gives him the opportunity to meet his idol, however the meeting leaves him despondent and angry. SRK junior decides that since he resembles the actor he will take advantage of the situation and get teach him a lesson.

This begins a cat and mouse chase, we get to see Croatia, etc. Will SRK Senior be able to stop SRK junior who is set to destroy him and his reputation or will SRK junior succeed?

Maneesh Sharma together with writer Habib Faisal and Yashraj films, makes a different genre of film with FAN, if you are expecting to see the usual song and dance film you will be highly disappointed.

Maneesh decides to steer his film in a total different direction and this adds to the novelty, while Hollywood films and some Bollywood films might have done this in the past. FAN by Maneesh is a different experience for SRK fans, be it the make up, done by Hollywood xx for Junior SRK or the story telling format.

SRK gets to play a double role, one of the superstar Aryaan who is ambitious, strong, loved by his fans and focused. He essays the role well. However SRK as SRK junior is a treat to watch as he bites into the character and gives a heartfelt performance, one feels his pain, when all he aspires do is meet his role model, Idol and inspiration, as his entire live revolves around Aryaan, SRK juniors character is simple, lovable, the boy next door, but he is superior when shows shades of negativity, one is immediately reminded of his stellar performances in films such as Baazighar, Anjaam and Darr. SRK you have given other younger actors a great lesson in acting and im sure many more younger actors will follow in your footsteps. Take a bow SRK as you have redeemed yourself with FAN.

On the whole FAN is a treat to all cinema enthusiast , even if you not a SRK fan, this film will perhaps change your perception. SRK fans watch the film with an open mind as this is not SRK playing Rahul!

We rate FAN 8 and recommend that you catch it on a big screen near you.

We watched the film with the compliments of Cinecentre cinemas.



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