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Birthday Special : Alternate Careers For Shah Rukh Khan Where He Would Have Still Been The Baadshah


Well, what more can be said about the actor who has ruled the industry for more than 25 long years and still continues to do like a boss! Yes, we are talking about the King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, who left Delhi and came to Mumbai to make a career in acting. And, what he did next still remains as one of the bravest and inspirational stories till date.

He has now become one of the biggest entertainers our country has produced unarguably and even globally for that matter. Whatever he touches, turns into gold as he is one true exemplar of success.

He came into the maximum city with empty pockets and now, he owns an IPL company, mansions in Mumbai and cities abroad, his own production house Red Chillies Entertainment headed by his wife Gauri Khan, is the brand ambassador of Dubai and West Bengal tourism and is only getting bigger and better from here.

An IPL team owner, an actor, a producer, a doting husband & father, a real estate investor, social worker & influence, you just ask him to be anything and he will master it!

On his birthday, we list out 6 alternate careers for the birthday boy where he would still have been the Baadshah just like how he has been in Bollywood :

Stand Up Comedian : Shah Rukh Khan’s unmatched wit and humor is something we all know about and we love it! His one-liners are to die for and his clever answers leave us tight-lipped and off course, giving away applause. If he starts a show of his own as a stand-up comedian, we are sure the TRP’s will be sky-rocketing and he will tear apart every person laughing!

Hospitality : The King Khan of B-Town is known for being the warmest person around and makes one feel so special including his fans that they start thinking whether it is a dream or not? If he ventures into hospitality business and starts being the owner of hotels or restaurateur, he will turn out to be the most successful without any doubts. The way he meets and greets his friends, colleagues, fans and the people who work under him speaks volumes about Khan.

Scientist : He is one curious man who wants to gain knowledge in almost all field. He even once tweeted about it that he reads a lot so that he is aware of what is happening around him in every field including technology and sports. Khan has ventured into so many different fields apart from entertainment solely because of his undying curiosity. Had he been a scientist, he would have easily discovered so many new things and would have been the most handsome Noble Prize winner.

Footballer : We have seen the Baadshah playing football so many times and he has expressed his interest in the field lot many times. His football skills are on point and being a Delhi lad, sports has always been his calling! He can multi-task as well by owning a team as well as being the star player for it! What say SRK? You can make the stadium houseful with you female fans only!

Orator : You have seen his hosting awards with brilliance, anchoring TV-shows like a pro and speaking on public summits oh-so-smoothly! Being an effective and entertaining orator comes naturally to him and it is an established fact. Who wouldn’t go out to listen to him if he is speaking in your city in his infectious charm? No one, of course! We feel that if he will be the orator, the world will be the listener.

Acting Guru : SRK is one of the most gifted and brilliant actors we have in our country which he has proved year after year with totally different kind of roles and with his dynamic and impactful acting game. He can be a Devdas and at the same time, he can be a hockey coach, he can be a serial murderer and the other moment, he is a super hero! Shah Rukh’s acting chops have never been questioned and if he starts teaching methods of acting, we are sure that his institute will be full with applications from every corner of the country and a long queue will await for the admissions.

Well, these are just possibilities and whether he takes it up or not, it just doesn’t matter because we love him the way he is. We love him as an actor, an entertainer & we will continue to love him for years to come. To the man, who taught us all about love and how to love, we wish the superstar a very Happy Birthday!


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