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Women’s Month Giveaway


Women’s Month Giveaway

Launching our exciting competition for ladies only.

To enter click on the link answer the questions & you in the draw.


T*& Cs apply


  1. The latest movie i watched was prem ratan dhan phayo just at its release. I didnt watch tamasha. Im looking forward to dilwale which is releasinģ today. Prem ratan is about a princeaa ďat is anil kapoors daughter soñam kapoor falls in love with salmaan khans The prince who they tried to kill añdd he lies sicķ until salmaans father anupem kher finds someoñe identical to salmaan ķhan who they keep to play the role of the unconscious salmaan who eventually faĺls in love with sonam kapoor and when the real salmaan prem gets kidnapped by his step brother then they realise that there is a prem look alike in which sonam kapoot falls iñ love with. Salmaan khans sisters who hates him eventually falls in love with their brother after salmaan tries to wìn they love. They all re unite añd the real prince gives his princeaa to prem 2 . Awesome and a differeny story altogether.

  2. I Watched Dilwale on The big Screen it was A little Disappointing but i think Kajol looked Sweet 16 even only Enjoyed 2 Songs throughout the Whole Movie so my Score for Dilwale will be a 5/10 ☺


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