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Jai Gangaajal Movie review


Director: Prakash Jha
Starring: Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jha, Manav Kaul, Rahul Bhatt
Runtime: 158 mins


A lot of drama that you need to cope up with in this movie!

Jai Gangaajal is certainly one of the decent movies in which Priyanka Chopra acts well. But one keeps on wondering throughout the movie that what was the relevance of Women’s day with reference to this movie.

This is certainly not a woman’s tale. It is a typical story of corrupt politicians, unethical cops and deprived and vexed jantha(public) with a new age IIT/IIM activist pushed into the movie. The setting is a place called Bankipur where the MLA Bablu and brother Dabloo rape, murder and plunder farmer’s land. It is amidst a lot of tension that Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) arrives as Bankipur’s new SP. It is to be seen in the course of the movie whether she is able to end the oppression.

The politics of progress that we see in the movie is much superficial without too much insight. Though it weaves together crucial threads like land mafias, corrupt leaders, conscienceless cops, suppressed farmers with Jha’s concern about the vigilante justice, you won’t find the movie interesting if you are looking for something new.

Priyanka certainly moves you with her acting skills. The restrained Abha Mathur is able to convey the morality of the law. Though she barely smiles throughout the movie, she still makes you fall for her. But when it comes to the action scenes, she is barely able to perform them smoothly.

Jha seems to be comfortable in front of the camera as if he has been doing this throughout his life. He is portrayed as a corrupt cop with a passive conscience. His acting is commendable.

The movie is stretched to a great extent even when we know how it is going to end.

The movie seems to be prey to the latest trend of feminism with Abha Mathur using words like ‘naamard (impotent)’ for a man she views with a disregard. This was a move not out of a stance but because of the latest fad of feminism.

The gender politics of the movie is all too plastic without any depth. The fact that Abha Mathur is a female SP of a conservative area in the country does not play any significant role in the movie.

Though there are some dialogues which surely bring smile to your face like ‘Aapko galat misguide kiye hain (You are being misguided wrongly.)’ and ‘Elaichi soch me sugandh laayegi (Cardomom will bring a flavour to your thoughts)’ , but the movie lacked that fresh flavour.

Salim – Suleiman’s composition fit well into the story but most of the songs are situational. 11 song tracks and wonderfully inhibited into the movie. Maya thagni has an Indian essence rooted into it. Tetua is also a powerful song in Sukhwinder’s voice. Other songs also enhance the effect of the movie. But you can relate many of them only when you watch the movie. All in all they have magnified the effect of the movie.

Cinetalkies rate the movie 6/10 . Though too familiar to engage you,it is a decent watch if you are a Prakash Jha fan and want to see Priyanka Chopra on screen.



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