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Hindi Medium a rare film not to be missed


The film tell a story of couple from Chandni Chowk that aspire to give their daughter the best education and thus be a part of and accepted by the elite of Delhi.

This is what some of the people who watched the movie had to say…

“If you ask me to define this movie in one word, I have mentioned it in the title above. This movie is one of those rare and brave attempts that try to explain the social situation rising above melodramas and unnecessary actions.”

Rating 10/10

By saketsaurav-86828

“AT LAST! A rare, truly emotive gem which shines a light on the social conditions many in India face each day.”

Rating – 9/10

By Qniba Khan

“There comes a movie once in a while which is not only thought- provoking but also sends out a great social message. “Hindi Medium” is definitely one of it.”

Rating 8/10
By Ketan Gupta

“Hindi Medium is an enjoyable and realistic tale which lands a tight slap on the face of a society which considers English as a parameter for judging people, where people are not taken seriously if they don’t speak English well and they are made to feel inferior.”

Rating 7/10
By pranayjalvi

Hindi Medium features Irrfan khan & Saba Qamar.


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